To hear us is to know us!

We at Monte’ CrisToph Music want you to know about why it is we do what we do.

Throughout history, music has been the art, medium, magic and inspirational force which elevates us to a higher level of understanding. It is undoubtedly that visceral energy stream which connects us to one another as well.
At Monte’ CrisToph Music we not only hear music, we see it also! As strange as it may seem or sound, this concept is what gives us the insight and drive to create music style and sound outside the box of what may be considered the norm. So when you hear our music… Not only are you experiencing the outcome, you are being giving intimate insight on how it was originally conceived.
The repertoire of Monte’ CrisToph Music is a bit more unique than what listeners might generally hear playing on contemporary mainstream radio​ stations and what the usual sound might be being pumped through the airwaves.
We pride ourselves on being focused on creating music which comes from the heart of our inspiration as opposed to striving for glory by formulating the next hopeful​ “pop hit.”
We are passionate about being musical creatives, which is why we shall continue to do what we do for the sake of creating quality music.
We want our music to appeal to listeners in more ways than just being catchy tunes they come across on the radio or web. But if catchy tunes are what you are into, we’ve got those too! Yet what we aim to do wholeheartedly, is to move you to connect to, reflect on and most of all truly enjoy a song or sound you’ll come to love.
Thank you for letting Monte’ CrisToph Music take part in expanding your musical horizons… we look forward to having you as a devoted listener and encourage you to tell other music lovers about us as well.
A Few Words from Monte’ CrisToph Music’s Founder & Executive Producer, LORD TOPH

“My life as a music creator has been an interesting journey, to say the least. I have worked with many talented artists over the years who have contributed to my music history as well as my music journey.


LORD TOPH with SnowFlake Black
LORD TOPH with Ebony Anne Isaac
LORD TOPH with former members of “Peek-a-Boo the Funcats”
LORD TOPH with Kyle Whitney
LORD TOPH with Cris Vela SnowFlake Black









Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to develop other aspiring talents by helping them fine tune their discipline, hone in on their skills, along with expanding their creative concepts. Many talented individuals have ability, yet lack the insight on how they wish to convey their skills to appeal to an audience.

As a producer, I have dedicated several years to helping artist overcome this dilemma. And as a result it has enabled me to gain more knowledge and experience from each artist and project I select to develop. Experimentation coupled with commitment can empower one to produce great things in any field or profession. I am grateful that over time, I have maintained the passion to remain positive about achieving my creative goals and help others along the way.”