Sweet Irony to “Bread for the Soul”

… Just in time for Thanksgiving!

“Bread for the Soul” ~ A World Beat sound with elements of Hip-Hop

During the hottest part of the summer over a year ago, Lord Toph sat down with fellow artists, Damen Samuel & SnowFlake Black to discuss a new approach for a song which he had originally composed for his upcoming instrumental album, “Nacreous.”

The song was originally arranged with a bare minimum of words being chanted sparsely throughout the track. The words were, “The Heat, The Mind, The Soul.” But, “Suddenly, I started hearing more lyrics in my head,” Lord Toph recalls. “And since Damen was here at the time, I wanted to make this more of a collaborative project.”

Damen, as in German music artist, Damen Samuel has been a long-time music partner and good friend of Lord Toph since the early 2000’s. The two musicians met through a mutual friend and have been thick as thieves ever since. Their humble collaborative beginnings began when they began composing together as a duet under the name, “Bitter Wine.” Unfortunately, Bitter Wine never got to grace the stage, but it still yielded some great songs, which both Lord Toph and Damen Samuel plan to release as a collection in the future. Rightfully, the album itself will be entitled, “Bitter Wine.”

Now that a little bit of the back story has been told, the question one might ask is, “What does this have to do with the song, “Bread for the Soul?” Well, for Samuel, Bread for the Soul was reminiscent to the songs he and Lord Toph had worked on for Bitter Wine and it brought back fond memories of his creative past and years living in New York. This was long before Hip-Hop artist, SnowFlake Black had any intention of becoming a rapper. All he (merely just Ross Allen at the time) had on his mind, was to become a filmmaker/actor and possibly a comedian. This bit was reflected on by Samuel as Lord Toph was presenting the song to him for the first time. And before the actual vocal recording began for Damen Samuel, he suggested to Lord Toph to have SnowFlake Black in the mix as well. Lord Toph agreed and once called on, Black’s response was simply, “Yes sir… I’m down!”

SnowFlake Black or “Flake” as he is referred to affectionately by Lord Toph and a chosen few, was amped about being on the track after he showed up, got a chance to listen to it and catch up with Samuel. “I look at as a chance for us to do something great and besides, it’s been a good while since we’ve recorded together… It’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be dope!” SnowFlake Black remarked with a laugh.

By the time this was being said by Black, the three artists were finishing off their cake, brownies, ice coffees and juices and getting ready to head directly to the studio.

(From left to right) SnowFlake Black, Lord Toph & Damen Samuel
Taking a brief beak at Brooklyn’s infamous, Little Cupcake Bakeshop















After leaving the bakeshop, something good was definitely baked up that day (pun intended). Much like Damen Samuel had predicted, the three artists expanded the range of the song which enabled it to appeal to a broader spectrum of listeners.

“Bread for the Soul” delivers a positive message with elements from different genres while maintaining a compelling contemporary sound. Although the song was intended to be released by summer’s end, it is now being released on Thanksgiving Day.

As the saying goes… “Good things come to those who wait.” So, if you have been anticipating hearing this track, we at Monté CrisToph Music salute you and are more than thankful for your support!

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