“Bread for the Soul” 

The Upcoming Single by Lord Toph


A new single is in the works by Lord Toph. The track will feature SnowFlake Black and fellow Monté CrisToph Music artist, Damen Samuel. The single is entitled, “Bread for the Soul” which will have an ambient/worldbeat feel and is set to be released soon.

“Bread for the Soul” is a song relating to social awareness and liberation. It subliminally touches on many topics of debate dealing with our world in its turbulent current state.  Damen Samuel smoothly introduces vocals to the song as he repeats the lyrical phrase, “Don’t let freedom wait,” with Freedom being somewhat of a reprising theme throughout his own music.

Damen Samuel

Samuel’s message is quite simple in verse, yet poignant in delivery and can be interpreted in various ways in relation to the rhythmically syncopated rap contributed by

SnowFlake Black. Black successfully elaborates the song’s pursuit from its title with analogously clever rhyme giving much reason to each line.

SnowFlake Black

The overall flow of the track is seamlessly brought together and even keeled by Lord Toph from the native influenced sound of the musical arrangement, to his lead vocal being accompanied by an omnipresence of a distant chant as backing vocals. The slow, rolling rhythm of the song, provides an atmosphere which is meditative, as well as evoking.

Look for “Bread for the Soul” soon on Apple Music, Spotify iHeart Radio and more!

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