Downtime with SnowFlake Black


SnowFlake Black enjoys a bit of downtime in Germany while on tour with Israel’s own, “Lucille Crew.”
SnowFlake Black during tour in Germany

Here, he is shown wearing his favorite “Baby Chris” tee by Riggo Monti (@riggo_monti) with an SE V.7 microphone in hand ~ courtesy of sound engineer, @nativkedem.

When not recording, performing or off on rigorous tours, SFB spends most of his downtime watching movies, playing his favorite video games like Metal Gear SolidRed Dead Redemption and Assassin’s Creed – Odyssey, just to name a few.

“At the end of the day, it’s good to have a release… Ya know, something you can do to get your mind off things,” he says. This is quite understandable and justified for the performer, especially considering his hectic schedule.

Upon returning to the states (New York City to be exact), SnowFlake Black will barely have time to exhale before gearing up to finish recording verses on a new single by Lord Toph. The track will feature him and fellow Monté CrisToph Music artist, Damen Samuel. The single is entitled, “Bread for the Soul” which will have more of an ambient/worldbeat feel and is set to be released by summer’s end.

Damen Samuel

SFB has not done a writing collaboration with his label-mate since Samuel’s aspiring track entitled, “Freedom Song.” Their earliest collaboration began with “Heavy Lies the Crown” (Lyrics by SnowFlake Black, Damen Samuel & Lord Toph; Music by Lord Toph) for his sophomore album, “Exoneration.” The album as well as the single garnered Grammy candidacy for all three Monté CrisToph artists in 2013.


Although SnowFlake Black was not altogether pleased with his performance and the overall outcome of this collection, he does acknowledge that it yielded some great elements which have helped shape him in becoming the rapper/lyricist he is today.

While anticipating the release of “Bread for the Soul,” We hope SFB can enjoy his downtime as much as he can. In the meantime, check out the great lyrical content to SnowFlake Black’s, “Heavy Lies the Crown.” (Lyrics below)





Heavy Lies the Crown

LORD TOPH, SnowFlake Black & Damen Samuel

When all is gone, what’s left is a new beginning

Kicked in like I’m schooled in Shao lin
My Tao is verbal quick in life to wipe my spit with style towels

Stack up pages so high that they rival towers
Til they stand so tall they cut the clouds
And sway above the rain showers
I have no formation settled no conquered foundation I stand at
I be the rap nomad – rap my feet
In touch with my inner-feminine side
No period where cycle of flow ain’t fluid – bleed on every pad I grab
Get the point ‘til it stabs you like a jabber dabbed from Brutus
Seize the opportunity to kill the Caesar in me
The tired tyrant in me looks to hire help
But then he fires ‘em because they can’t realize how deep his demons get
Heavy lies the crown deception all around the head
Makes him test the waters of his destiny – bless ‘em
Absolution for his enemies – best ‘em
Catch ‘em off guard and then en garde
I’m in mode to make the world my humble abode


Lights — Lights go down

Through the streets they roam

Lost where they belong

Rise – Lead them home

All rise — Heavy Lies the Crown — All rise

Hold your crown for the word in your rule lies

Heavy Heavy Heavy

When all is gone, what’s left is a new beginning

A crown worth is weighed in burdens
So much power you Lone -Some ‘til you’re by yourself
And you can buy yourself
skipped around like bitches on you

Watch power switch on you
Like battery happy to beat your britches ‘til it loses
energy switch to Single A
Cause you alone in your grade
Happy to denigrate the hierarchy you made
Hired out the best liars aspiring for your name
They disintegrate your loyalty in royalty

A kingdom is weighed not on land but in people
They seek establishment inhabitants who want their habitat established
Like a schism seeks a baptism

Delivers faith on a plate
To get ate up like number 9

All rise — Heavy Lies the Crown — All rise

When all is gone — what’s left is a new beginning

When all is gone — Only life is for the living


It’s now more than ever with how they pour the feathers of a chicken

Down the throats of men and dare to say they came from angels
Stuff us until we’re strangled

We learn the pertinence in earning permanent praise won’t save a man facing himself
We see the kings of lands lost — hands tossed

Sprawled across people’s hopes to see where they belong

So you people seeing the brightest of stars fade in the sky and wonder why

Know they died well before you could see their shine of lights

So the people keeping their reasons for meeting in secret

To discuss the bust of what’s discussing
Oh kings hold out you palms to the pawns

So we can move as one
Lead you home

Monté CrisToph Music © 2013 All Rights Reserved

Metal Gear Solid
Red Dead Redemption
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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