“Songs for a Doe” Now Released!

“Songs for a Doe” ~ The Sixth Album by Lord Toph

The beautiful cover model, Alice Lee

During the time of his residing in Los Angeles’ culturally rich Koreantown, Lord Toph’s appetite and intrigue for Korean culture was piqued and strongly influenced. Here, is where he met and befriended Korean photographer, Sangchoon Yeo. Yeo made Lord Toph the subject of much of his experimental photographic work during this time. He also introduced Lord Toph to various aspects of Korean culture (food, contemporary Korean music, filmography, phrases, architectural design, etc.).

It wasn’t until his return to New York City that Lord Toph would come to fully realize the significant impact this particular culture’s color would make on his inspiration and creative endeavors. Shortly after his return to New York and after time spent staying with a dear friend in Harlem, he was able to locate a modest studio space in Brooklyn to work and further develop his newly founded fine art style, “Empathicism.” Here is where he would become acquainted with a new female Korean friend, named Yoonsil. Yoonsil would later become Lord Toph’s muse and primary subject of inspiration to further develop his theory and future works depicting Empathicism. Eventually, the visual outcome of the paintings inspired by Yoonsil’s aura, attractiveness and purity would be expressed and incorporated in Lord Toph’s literature as well as his music. His first collection of poetic works dedicated to and inspired by his muse, Yoonsil would be entitled, “Poetry for Yoonsil.” This romantically written collection became the catalyst to inspire yet another collection of work inspired by his muse. Soon after this, Lord Toph began composing a collection of musical works inspired by Yoonsil which became entitled, “When I Come to Paris” – An Adult Contemporary/Jazz influenced collection (not yet released).

“Yoonsil – La Sirene Enchanteur” by Lord Toph
“Poetry for Yoonsil” by Lord Toph

After Yoonsil’s presence as “muse” subsided, Lord Toph recognized that his earnest interest and passion to further pursue knowledge based on Korean culture continued to resonate within him. So, by 2017, he began composing a new collection of music which could resonate just as well with eastern contemporary music listeners as well as western listeners. Before the completion of recording the final track, Lord Toph would decide on an appropriate name for the collection, which was based on the final track’s title and his sincere ode to and affinity for Korean culture altogether.

The collection consists of eleven original songs and is entitled, “Songs for a Doe.” Donning the feel of mainstream/adult contemporary music, “Songs for a Doe” expresses its mood through conventional pop flare while maintaining romantically meaningful lyrical content set to the rhythms of true R&B undertones.

Starting from the rocking upbeat intro track, “Ribbon in a Box” and concluding with the cinematic feel of the final track, “A Song for a Doe,” Lord Toph faithfully maintains his creative and romantic dedication to his influence of Korean culture and all its illustrious splendor. He dedicates this collection, “Songs for a Doe” to his new muse ~ The beautifully unique facets of Korean Culture. Lord Toph’s ongoing interest and passion for learning the Korean language, visiting and exploring Korea’s landscape and culture are among the things that continue to greatly inspire his work.


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