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The scoop on soon-to-be released album from Lord Toph

For many music lovers, much of the music from the 80’s is still alive and kicking (pardon the pun) in their music libraries and with good reason, I might add. With enigmatic artists like Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Prince, Madonna, George Michael, Duran Duran and Boy George fronting the band, Culture Club, who in their right mind would attempt to deny their influence on today’s popular music. Lord Toph is quick to acknowledge this fact and proudly admits the influence these greats have had on his music. “Still today, I find myself reflecting on many reveries I hold dearly from the 80’s and I’d dare say several of these memories have their own accompanying soundtrack. So, when something from one’s past is still very vivid and fresh in a positive way, there is no shame in embracing it,” he explains. (Article cont’d below listed 80’s Pop Greats) 

Michael Jackson


David Bowie






George Michael
Duran Duran


Culture Club


Following the release of his Korean influenced album, “Songs for a Doe,” Lord Toph will soon present to us yet a new collection of music with an authentic throwback feel of this memorable bygone era. Get ready for this – The album’s title: “Peek-a-Boo & the Funcats.” No joke!

The offbeat tag, Peek-a-Boo & the Funcats was initially the title he had in mind for a concept act he intended to develop, write for and produce.  Although he did in fact begin producing music for a trio of talent which would don the name, their lifespan as “Peek-a-Boo” was short-lived. As a result of the act being disbanded, Lord Toph tucked away the unreleased tracks until he’d find other individuals to carry out his concept or until he found a better way to present them.

After the encouraging comment and suggestion of his protégé and Monté CrisToph Music artist, SnowFlake Black, Lord Toph was faced with the most appropriate and obvious way to release this collection. “Respectfully, I don’t know why you stressing over finding somebody else. Hell, as far as I’m concerned, you Peek-a-Boo!” Black said. “And if you’re the one writing the tracks, arranging them and producing them and whatnot, why you worried about finding someone you gotta develop and teach how ta sing ‘em?”

Needless to say, SnowFlake Black’s point was valid and held good merit in Lord Toph’s decision to release “Peek-a-Boo & the Funcats” as the title of his upcoming album.


Lord Toph seated in a hyper-real throwback atmosphere, surrounded by his paintings and his faithful friends, “The Funcats.”


From its humorously quirky title, “Peek-a-Boo & the Funcats” holds true to the glam-synth and big kit drum sounds of the 1980’s with a Brit-Pop flare. The track list is just about as colorful as the album’s title.


“Peek-a-Boo & the Funcats” ~ The seventh album by Lord Toph


From the intro song, “The 80’s Are Gone” to other songs like “Sally Said,” “Return to Zero” and “Don’t Feed the Animals,” the collection promises to reset your retro compass.

SnowFlake Black contributes a quick cameo of lyrical wisdom to the somber vibe of“Killing Time.”

Dated? Not in the least. “Peek-a-Boo & the Funcats” offers a fun, melodic retrospective to a decade that continues to influence, art, music and culture alike.

Terry Ginnevin

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