Get to Know & Love the Monte’ CrisToph Music Artists!

Monte’ CrisToph Music artists share a familial bond from developing close working relationships. Keeping a continuous creative correspondence and in-house collaborations has developed our bond.
Ebony Anne Isaac and Damen Samuel working on duet, “After Hours.”
As a result, our artists strongly believe in supporting one another and showing great appreciation for each other’s music. This has been an integral component in building our music team.







As a music talent, LORD TOPH creates an atmosphere of emotional intensity in each performance and song. He has been crafting his skills for years to diversify his artistry in order for it to appeal to a broad audience of listeners. For several years LORD TOPH has been composing songs for himself and other artists as well. He has built an expansive catalog of several hundred songs suited for various genres. His repertoire is as diversified as much as his compositional range.  With a seldom seen multi-faceted musical caliber, LORD TOPH’s expansive range pin-points quality with certainty and flare.

Rock, Pop, R&B, Funk, Contemporary Jazz, Alternative, Instrumental & Children’s

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SnowFlake Black





Hip-Hop artist, SnowFlake Black walks an alternate path as a rapper, lyricist and poet. His dedication to bringing an undeniable authenticity to his flow, subject matter and craft has been exceptionally resilient in defining his style. Inspired by the lyrical masters who spearheaded the era before him such as Wu Tang Clan, Brother Ali, Mos Def, Eminem and Naz, SnowFlake Black continuously focuses on his verbal dexterity and melodies in order to create something enigmatic and unwavering in his delivery.

Hip-Hop, Rap & Spoken Word

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Ebony Anne Isaac





Ebony Anne Isaac’s music is a welcomed addition to the classic Pop/R&B mold of smooth songstresses. Guided by a beacon-like inner voice and graced with a velveteen singing voice, Ebony Anne Isaac has gone on to expand her entertainment endeavors by performing lead roles in such theater plays like A Raisin in the Sun,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Hairsprayand evenThe Producers.”  When asked what her aim is with her music, this Monté CrisToph artist beams with a modest smile and simply answers, “To make great songs that will touch people’s hearts and to be an entertainer who’ll be remembered for giving people inspiration through music.”

Adult Contemporary, Pop & Children’s

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The Tony Mazza Project





The Tony Mazza Project (TMP) possesses a sound that is reminiscent to the classic rock style so many adore, making its music a familiar face to the genre. Compelling messages of unity, pain, love and longing reverberate throughout their songs as TMP fuses the inspiration and influence of British-Rock with their classic rock sound to convey a powerful message.

Classic Rock & Blues

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Damen Samuel





The music of Monté CrisToph artist, Damen Samuel is as beautiful as it is hypnotizing. He possesses a calm voice which resonates with the whimsical delivery of his songs and he consistently presents a poignant message throughout his lyrical content which challenges the listener to not only reflect, but to act on aspiration. Damen contributes a uniquely soulful presence that stands out in today’s music. With guitar at his side, proving to be an extension of the man himself, Damen Samuel marries incredible lyrics and melody with heart and soul on every song.

Folk/Acoustic, Adult Contemporary & Pop

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Claire Cave





Claire Cave – Claire Cave brings a warm and passionate feeling to her artistry. She is gifted with a powerful, yet sultry voice which has donned songs composed for the “Heather in the Harlequin Horse” children’s music album. Emanating a compassionate verve and a motherly love for children, it is befitting for her to be one of the featured narrators for StarField Stories, which is the children’s literature branch of Monte’ CrisToph Multimedia. Claire’s talent is as alluring as her persona and her voice invites you to listen more the moment you hear it.

Adult Contemporary, Jazz & Children’s

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Kyle Whitney






In the vein of classic singers before him, such as George Michael, Michael Bublé and Michael Franks, Kyle Whitney continues the tradition of beautiful melodies laced by an incredible voice. From standards to mainstream mainstays, the golden voice of Kyle Whitney delivers a stand-out musical performance that always makes you feel right at home.

Pop, Euro Soul, Adult Contemporary

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